Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Review: Benefit 'Hoola' bronzer

Being the best selling bronzer in Ireland and the UK, I was very excited to try out Benefit's Hoola bronzer. I was in desperate need of a good bronzer, so hoped that the Hoola would meet my expectations. At €33.50 it was a bit steep, but it was part of a present so I thought I'd take the opportunity to see what the fuss is about! 

I've heard many people say they've had their Hoola bronzer for minimum 2 years, which was great to hear as it seemed like an investment piece! It's high pigmentation means very little is needed. Hence, why it lasts so long. 

The bronzer comes with a mirror, and a brush, which is perfect for application. I use the thin brush to create contouring lines, then I used another, larger brush to blend. 

The colour was perfect: Matte and a nice shade of brown. It didn't have any orange tones like many other bronzers. As I'm not a fan of pallets, I found this bronzer perfect for contouring! I've only used it once, and I'm ready delighted with the results; I now see why it was voted no.1 bronzer! Definitely worth buying.

Emma x

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