Monday, 7 April 2014

Inspiration: why Brigitte Bardot is my style and beauty icon


My love for Brigitte Bardot cannot be described. I love every aspect of her image; her voluminous, curly hair, her feline-like make up, her boyish style with a hint of sex appeal. 
 60’s style, cat-eye liner is a makeup look favoured by Bardot, a look I’ve adopted for myself. I’ve been rockin’ the eyeliner flick for as long as I can remember. I was the only one in school, something which I loved, something which is no longer true as the eyeliner flick is now a phenomenon amongst young women. Regardless of it’s popularity, it’s a beauty staple of mine and I can’t go a day without my liquid liner.

       The beehive, the messy topknot, the grown out fringe, all hairstyles made famous by Miss Bardot. I love volume. What girl doesn’t? Lucky for me, I’ve naturally big (crazy) hair so voluminous updos are easy for me to create. Bardot influences me so much so that I was sporting a white blonde do with messy fringe these past few months - the fringe was greatly regretted (lets not get into it.) My hair is darker, and has grown out, yet, I still adore her hair style… on her.

       Finally, style. My favourite style moments of Miss Bardot include her pussy bow tie blouse, her matching navy blue jumper and hair band, and those thigh high leather boots. The balance between laid back, tomboy and glamorous, sex appeal is a balance rarely met by any woman. Then again, Bardot is no ordinary woman. Lastly, let’s talk about the hair bows. Whenever I see a photo of Bardot wearing a hair ribbon, my inner all-American cheerleader comes out. Suddenly I find myself wishing I lived in a diner in the 1950’s. That reminds me, I may dig out my old ribbons, tomorrow’s hair do is sorted! 

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