Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Best buy Vs. Buh-bye: The best and worst highlighters

'Best buy Vs. Buh-bye' will be a regular segment on my blog. Each week, I will take a particular type of make-up, and tell you which brand is worth buying, and what's not worth even trying. First up; highlighters.

An essential part of an everyday make-up look; finding the perfect highlighter can be quite a task. Luckily, I've tried a broad range of highlighters, and have found my go-to products.


1. Benefit's 'High Beam' liquid highlighter

When choosing a highlighter, always choose a liquid. I can't stress that enough. Liquid highlighters like high beam are easy to blend and appear natural. They work best with liquid foundations (liquids with liquids.)High beam works well with or without tan due to it's pearl like tone. My definite go-to for highlighters. RRP: €27.50

2. YSL's Touché Éclat

A cult product, Touché Éclat lives up to the hype. I am currently using this highlighter in shade '1', and I am loving it. It's always good to have a highlighter in a variety of different shades as everyone has different skin tones. The shades range from 1 to 5. At €35 it is pricey, but the results are worth the price tag. The pump allows the right amount of product on the brush tip, which means you don't waste any unnecessary product! Very similar to high beam.    

3. Rimmel's 'Wake me up'

There has been a lot of hype around Rimmel's 'wake me up' range; mainly around the foundation and concealer. But I think the highlighter is just as good. While it wouldn't be my favourite of the three, I realise that not everyone can afford to splash out on highlighters, so for a highstreet version; Rimmel is the way to go! At €6.65 you really can't go wrong. Available in 4 different shades, it's perfect for any skin tone! I like to use 002: radiant rose without tan, and 003: peach glow with. 



1. Benefit's 'Watt's Up' 

While High Beam is the best highlighter I've tried, Watt's up is hands down the worst. The packaging seemed cool; the highlighter stick on top, with a blending sponge on bottom, but the whole product is a nightmare. First of all, the consistency is awful; cakey and difficult to apply. When using it, it is obvious that you are wearing highlighter, which we all know is not the point. There is nothing natural about the result. This is probably due to the colour also. The shade is almost orange-like, with A LOT of shimmer. Even if you had sun-kissed skin, it would be difficult to pull of this product. I felt as if I was applying pan-stick to my face. The blending sponge was useless also as it fails to blend properly. This product ticked no boxes for me, and at €35 it really was a waste.


2. Catrice's 'made to stay'

Last on my list is Catrice's 'made to stay' highlighter. I'm usually a fan of Catrice cosmetics, and at roughly €4 I couldn't resist trying it. Luckily I didn't waste too much money on this product, as it was disappointing. Like I said, avoid sticks. Just like 'Watt's up', the thick consistency just does not work for highlighting cheekbones. It looks unnatural. However, I do find it handy for highlighting the inside of my eyes, my brow bone, and my Cupid's bow as the narrow tip makes it easy to reach those difficult place.

So there you have it; my best and worst highlighter picks. And remember; stick with the liquids.

Emma x  

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