Tuesday, 29 April 2014

April Favourites

This Month I have tried a number of products; here are my favourites, which are all under a tenner!


I have tried every single gradual tan moisturiser made, and this one is by far my favourite. It's easy to apply, and doesn't cause any streaks! The best part is the smell, as it has a hint of apricot. It's not only a great moisturiser, but also creates a great tan from the first use. It is currently on promotion for €5 at Boots!


Okay so this is really only for the blonde girls. I started using this when I had really light blonde hair during the summer as it was great for keeping that 'white' tone. However, I've started using it again as my hair has started to get quite brassy, which is exactly what this product is for! It may say that it's for white, grey and platinum blonde hair, but if you have any shade of blonde it works just the same! It's only €4 at Boots, which is good seeing as you only use it once- twice a week depending on how blonde you're hair is. (I only use it once a week.) It completely changes the tone of your hair from the first wash - I've been getting so many people asking if I have dyed my hair!


For ages, I've been on the look out for a 'brow mascara' to keep my brows in place. This one was on promotion in a local pharmacy so I decided to give it a go, which I'm glad I did as it is perfect for not only keeping your eyebrows in place, but also creating a hair effect that thickens your brows. I have yet to use it by itself, I usually just use it after I fill in brows, but I can imagine it'll be very handy just by itself! I got it for €5, but it is usually around the €8 marks!


I've seen so many Youtubers rave about this concealer so I had to try it myself, and I have to say I can't fault it. It has great coverage, yet it isn't heavy. I got mine in the shade 'cool medium' 2. While the packaging may not be the nicest (the writing is fading already!), for €6 you really can't go wrong!


I am loving this lipgloss right now. I got it in the shade '420 glorious grapefruit' which is a lovely chorally pink colour. I've finally managed to find a long lasting lipgloss that isn't sticky! This is the first colour I've tried but I'm definitely going to start building up a collection. The price varies on where you buy it but it is generally cheap; I got mine for €7!


I can't go a day without using eyeliner to create a 'cat eye flick', but I usually tend to use liquids. I got fed up as the didn't give a great finish and tended to flake, so I decided to try out a gel. This gel is new from Rimmel, and I absolutely love it! For €9 you get both the pot of gel, as well as a brush to apply the gel - which is great and so easy to use! I was surprised at how easy it was to apply as gel has a rep for being difficult to use. I've been using it every day and haven't found the need to re-touch it - it doesn't budge!


Last on my list is coconut oil; which has a million and one benefits! My mam bought this recently from Dunnes Stores for cooking ( I think it was around €6) but I've been using it for my hair! It is 100% pure, and comes in solid form. To use on your hair  scoop a table spoon into a bowl and heat until a hot liquid - hot oils are better for your hair - and apply it all over, especially at the ends. I usually tie my hair in a bun for a few hours and wash it out later that day. It's great for strengthening your hair and giving it a natural shine. If you have leftovers, coconut oil is great for both your skin and for eyebrow growth! I swear by it for so many uses!

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