Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Being naturally blonde; I have been filling in my eyebrows for years because if I don't you can't see them! Also, I think eyebrows are so important - I'm sure many of you can agree. I have finally found all the best products for the perfect eyebrows! I will also be reviewing the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow product as well as my daily eyebrow routine! 

STEP 1: I brush my brows using the Anastasia 'Brow Wiz' in ash blonde. This is a wax pencil  one end - which is exactly like the mac wax pencils!- and a spool the other end for brushing your brows. I'm glad I bought this pencil purely for the brow! Since the actual wax is just like the Mac one I'll probably just stick to buying that one as they are the same price but you would have to pay more for the Anastasia one to ship from the UK! 

STEP 2: Using a thin, angled brush I use the Anastasia 'Dipbrow pomade' in blonde to draw my eyebrow shape. Can I just say how much I'm in love with this pomade!? I don't know what my life was before it - definitely worth the hype! Not only is it perfect for creating a great shape for under and over the brow - but it lasts so well! I put this on in the morning and could be at work all day (under spotlights) and it's still in perfect condition. It was £15, so around €18, and I have to say it is worth every penny. There is a lot of product so I have feeling it will last me a long time!

STEP 3: I then fill in my brows using a powder from the HD eyebrow palette in Vamp.  Even though Vamp is the darkest of the palettes, it has the perfect ashy dark blonde for my eyebrows! Unfortunately shortly after I bought the product (like 20 minutes!!) it smashed in my handbag and this is actually the only colour I have left! It is the bottom left hand shade. To be honest: I wouldn't advise buying the palette because it broke so easily for me - and the company refused to replace it for me! For the price that is was (€30) that was not okay... so I would say find a cheaper alternative like the essence or wet n' wild sets - they're very cheap - around €3 each - and does just fine!

Sometimes I use my wax pencil instead of powder - it depends on the day!

STEP 4: Finally, I set my brows with the Maybelline 'Brow Drama' mascara in medium brown. Alone, this mascara is brilliant for filling in your brows - but I always use it to set mine because my eyebrow hairs like to fall down! This mascara is great - one coat and your eyebrows won't move! It's matte also so won't give any sheen to your brows. It's a great dupe for the Benefit's 'Gimme Brow'.

So that's how I get my eyebrows looking their best. My must have eyebrow products have to be the Anastasia Pomade and the Maybelline brow mascara, so if you need new eyebrow products you need to get those because I swear by them! My new make-up staples.

Emma x

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